MBA in Executive Leadership – Redefining Leadership

Revolutionize the business world with Southeastern University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Executive Leadership. This dynamic program ensures kingdom-minded professionals can make, defend, and communicate ethical business decisions. 

Flexible start dates and eight-week terms allow you to complete your degree at your own pace — usually within 1 to 2 years. Master concepts in management and organizational behavior as you learn from esteemed faculty members. Perfect your skills through courses in business strategy and policy, information technology leadership, accounting and finance, and leadership philosophy. 

With this degree you will graduate equipped to elevate your current work environment and pursue new career opportunities. You’ll learn how to enhance the workplace with a Christian worldview. Refine what it means to work in marketing, financial, or IT management. Take on roles in management and operations research analytics. 

Begin your master’s studies today by reaching out to our dedicated graduate admission counselors or by applying for this program!


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