Master of Social Work – Where Passion and Versatility Meet

Southeastern University’s Master of Social Work (MSW) program develops students into competent and compassionate clinical social work practitioners, helping them navigate the intersection between their passion for helping others and a versatile field. 

Pursue your MSW degree through one of two track options: an Advanced Standing MSW or Traditional MSW track. 

The Advanced Standing MSW is a nine-month program (two semesters) designed for those with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a CSWE-accredited institution. Students will engage in 24-25 credit hours of instruction and 500 hours of supervised field experience (counted as eight credit hours of field experience). 

The Traditional MSW is a 21-month program (five semesters) open to those who’ve earned an undergraduate degree in any field. Students will complete 49 credit hours of coursework in addition to 900 hours of supervised field experience (counted as 16 credit hours of field experience). 

Both tracks consist of in-person, eight-week sessions that cover content in areas such as psychopathology, counseling theories and evidence-based therapeutic interventions, social work administration and leadership, and trauma-informed clinical practice. Students also learn various ways to apply clinical practice treatment approaches to a variety of client populations. 

Students of this program exhibit outstanding assessment outcomes and graduate qualified to enhance their current careers or step into other opportunities. Graduates of the MSW program  work in a variety of capacities including as school social workers, substance abuse counselors, mental health clinicians, healthcare social workers, clinical case managers, and program directors. They are also eligible to apply for licensure as clinical social workers.

“I gained an incredible amount of experiential and intellectual knowledge in just nine short months,” said Gabriella Bores, ’18. “I’m proud to be a graduate of SEU’s MSW program and believe whole-heartedly it sustains its mission to create clinical social work practitioners who are relevant and prepared to enter today’s workforce.”

Begin your master’s studies today by reaching out to our dedicated graduate admission counselors or by applying for this program!

The Master of Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation. 

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