How to ACE Your Finals

We all learn differently, and that means that studying effectively can look different for each of us. A study method that works great for your friend may not work at all for you. It is important to try different study strategies for a week or two and then assess whether or not those study methods are effective for you. Check out these tips the tutors and staff at SEU’s Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) have shared as well-rounded study tips for every type of learner.

Review Continuously


  • Start early.
  • Create a review routine.
  • Review in 30-minute to one-hour blocks of time, then switch to a different subject.
  • Group similar material together as you review.


  • Do all of your studying the night before your exam.
  • Spend an entire day studying one subject.

Practice Recalling the Information

Recalling information is the ability to answer a question without recognition prompts (like the answers listed on a multiple choice question).

  • Quiz yourself! Flashcards and apps like Quizlet are great tools for this.
  • Check your textbook for review questions.
  • Create acronyms, rhymes, information groups and imagery associations that are personally meaningful.

Teach the Information

One of the best ways to test your knowledge is to see if you are able to explain it to someone else.

  • Teach the material to yourself by reciting the information aloud.
  • Teach the material to a friend.
  • Schedule an appointment with an ACE facilitator to review the material.

Remember the Big Picture

  • Ask yourself: “Why does this piece of information matter in this course?” “How do these details support or create the larger picture?
  • When you have to focus on memorizing definitions or facts, practice applying those ideas to the field you are studying.

Discover What Works for You

Every subject, professor and student has a unique perspective. Be open to trying new methods and personalize the principles or strategies others have found to be helpful so that you can meet your goals and finish strong!

For a variety of other helpful study strategies, click here. Try some and see what works best for you.

Contributors: Megan Farmer, Gabriella Morillo, Benjamin Bruce, Azia Constance, Jamin Metcalf, Abigail Roe, John Morgan Roe

Rebecca Williamson

Academic Support Coordinator and Academic Success Coach for ACE
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies '09
Master of Arts Candidate – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages