Evening Education: A Gateway for Adult Learners

If you’ve been out of school for more than a few years, begun building a professional resume and are looking for a degree program that will allow you to be flexible in completing your course work, then you’re a prime candidate for an adult learner evening program. Evening programs allow busy professionals to schedule their learning around the life they’ve already established. Read below for some common characteristics of adult learners and how Southeastern University’s evening programs are designed to meet their needs.Our evening program’s one-night-a-week format allows busy professionals to complete most course work independently while still forming valuable connections in the classroom.

Adult learners are self-directed

Adult learners are known for showing initiative and taking responsibility for their own advancement. They don’t need anyone looking over their shoulder in order to follow through on a homework assignment or study for an exam, which is one reason Southeastern’s evening programs are a top choice for adult professionals thinking about going back to school. With classes held just one night a week, you will complete most course work on your own while still having the opportunity to connect one-on-one with your professors and colleagues in the classroom setting.

Personal experiences are important

Adult learners bring valuable life lessons to the classroom from all walks of life and career paths. In SEU’s evening program, you’ll learn alongside others who have their own unique experiences to add to the discussion. From ministry leaders looking to enhance their biblical knowledge to business professionals working toward a promotion to others simply considering a career change, your experience will be enriched by the broad scope of backgrounds and professional goals of your professors and classmates.

Time is of the essence

Being able to study whenever and wherever it’s most convenient is crucial for adult learners, who often work full time and may even be responsible for a family in addition to pursuing a degree. However, this flexibility can sometimes mean a trade-off of several additional semesters due to part-time study,Evening students at SEU can complete their studies in a typical four-year timeframe. lengthening a typical four-year program to a five- or even six-year commitment. At Southeastern, you don’t have to worry about your studies stretching on with no end in sight. Evening courses at SEU are four weeks long and taken one at a time, meaning you can complete up to four evening courses per semester, or 12 credit hours total, classifying you as a full-time student and allowing you to complete your studies in a typical four-year timeframe.

Taking the next step

Whether you’ve been considering a different vocation or need to earn the necessary credentials to advance your current career, Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, offers a variety of degrees in our evening program to choose from. Undergraduate degrees are available in human services, business and ministry. To request more information about SEU’s adult learner evening programs or to apply, click here. You can also visit our event registration page to set up a personalized info session with an admission counselor on SEU’s campus.