eSports at SEU

Some people think of playing video games simply as a casual hobby or “rainy day” pastime. But an increasing number of people are seeing them — and participating them — in a whole new way.

As competitors.

The competitive aspect of gaming, commonly referred to as eSports, has recently and quickly evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. This boon has been fueled by both the now-vast options in gaming types and formats, and to the proliferation of social networking platforms and streaming availability. In fact, a growing number of gamers are able to earn money through their participation in certain competitions.

The popularity of eSports has actually increased so much that ESPN now devotes digital and broadcasting resources to covering competitions, tracking players, and reporting the latest statistics and trends.

Now, this exciting, skill-based competitive opportunity is coming to Southeastern University.

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eSports Launch
The recruitment for the first competition-ready eSports team at SEU has begun. These recruited positions, which will require a tryout, are also eligible for scholarship funds. Students interested in trying out for this team should complete the eSports interest form.

eSports at SEU
True to the mission of SEU, everything our students can participate in will be focused and intentional. “It’s easy to get ‘lost’ in the world of gaming,” said Ethan Cadore, an alumnus of SEU who currently serves at the Resident Director of the Bauer Hall dorm on campus, and is heading up the launch of eSports. “Our team will ensure that our focus stays on what’s important…supporting each other, praying for each other, and having fellowship in a Christ-centered atmosphere.”

Cadore noted that having competitive, collegiate-level eSports available on campus in Lakeland is another way that SEU is remaining relevant to students. “Gaming appeals to so many different types of people,” he said. “We want gamers to feel that they have a home here and give them the chance to build their skills, friendships, and confidence by participating in these collegiate-level competitions.” Cadore, along with handpicked online coaches, will provide students training and coaching on both a macro and micro level.

Gaming for fun
Not all gamers are interested in competition, and prefer to keep their interest in video games as a hobby. That’s why SEU is also offering an eSports Club for recreational gaming. This club welcomes all students to participate in a variety of games, including traditional board games and card games, in addition to video games.

Game space
When the new, dedicated gaming space opens on campus this fall, gamers can expect an area outfitted with the latest tech, enhanced WiFi, and gaming chairs. While this space will have designated times that are reserved for the competitive team practice, the rest of the time the space will be open to students who are ready to take a break and connect over a friendly game or two. In fact, some SEU staff and faculty members are also looking forward to the addition of this gaming space, which will give them additional opportunities to connect with students. The gaming space will also host events, such a Twitch parties, to watch live eSports competitions.

Get in the game
Current and prospective students are invited to complete the eSports interest form in order to stay updated on competitive team tryouts, club activities, and more.

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Southeastern University is a member of the National Association of Collegiate ESports (NACE)