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The coronavirus pandemic has left few aspects of our daily lives untouched, and many people are searching for something new and different to learn about. That’s why SEU has launched a new series of online courses, eLearning at SEU, covering topics from leadership to managing conflict to self care.

Whether you’re looking for ways to learn more in your current field, considering a career change, or wondering if master’s level coursework is for you, our eLearning series can give you exactly what you’re looking for — all on your schedule and within your budget!

These classes, which would normally cost $249, are now available for just $99 each! 

Course Benefits

Leveled-up learning
Enhance your knowledge and boost your abilities in just 8 weeks.

Your class starts when you’re ready, so you don’t have to worry about missing a start date. 

Fit it in
These classes are a great way to preview how getting your master’s degree will fit into your life. 

College credit
These classes can be applied toward a master’s degree at SEU.

Budget friendly
Classes are just $99 each!

Available Courses

Leadership Theory Frameworks
Self Care for Ministers
Managing Change & Conflict
Lifelong Learning
Leader as Strategist
Relational Intelligence

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