Dress to Impress: How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Just the mention of the phrase job interview can be enough to strike fear in the hearts of college students and recent grads. However, with the right preparation, you can enter your next interview with confidence in your ability to land your desired job. In addition to bringing along your resume and cover letter and researching your prospective employer ahead of time, a polished and professional appearance is key to making a positive first impression.

Below are five suggestions for putting your best foot forward at your next job interview.



No matter where you’re interviewing for a position, whether at a financial firm, creative agency, elementary school or other establishment, a suit or blazer is a classic choice that’s sure to take your look up a notch.

Professional bag


Your backpack may be appropriate for going to class and the beach, but leave it at home when you head out to meet your prospective employer. Instead, use a professional bag or briefcase to neatly stow away your resume, cover letter and any other required documents you’ll need.



The last thing you want on your mind throughout your interview is how uncomfortable your feet feel. Be sure to wear comfy and professional-looking shoes, preferably closed-toe, that you can easily walk in.



Your best bet is to forgo the perfume or cologne as you prepare for your interview. Some people are actually allergic to certain scents, and you certainly want the hiring manager to remember you, not what you smelled like.



If you haven’t had a haircut in a while, now is a good time to get one. You’ll feel better about your overall appearance after you’ve given your locks a refresh, whether it’s trying a completely new style or even just getting a quick trim.

SEU career fair style inspiration

Southeastern University’s annual career fair, happening tomorrow, March 10, in the Sportsplex, is the perfect opportunity to try out your new professional style. In addition to a suit or blazer, professional bag and shoes, below are other fashion suggestions for men and women when choosing an outfit for an upcoming interview.

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