Dr. Bob Houlihan’s Hurricane Relief Efforts

At SEU, our faculty members show excellence, dedication and compassion both in the classroom and in the community. Dr. Bob Houlihan of SEU’s Barnett College of Ministry & Theology is the founder and chair of Crossroads Alliance & Ministries. This organization is one of many who is responding to Hurricane Irma’s aftermath.

Crossroads mobilized a few weeks ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to begin assisting relief efforts in Texas, and have now further expanded their assistance to include areas that are feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that Dr. Houlihan and his teams have accomplished just this week:

  • Crossroads works with local churches to be a distribution point for donated supplies.
  • Crossroads partners with many first response ministries. For Irma, they are partnering with Aero Bridge, which is a group of private pilots. At Ocala International Airport, immediately after the storm, they supplied water, medicine, baby products and food, which was then flown to the most critical areas. Later on in the week, insulin was flown to Key West.
  • Over 25 flights were loaded in the span of three days. Some flights of medicine have also been flown to the Caribbean.
  • The group has been given a 250,000 square foot warehouse for the next six weeks. Truckloads of supplies have already been delivered to Fort Myers and Homestead. Semi-trucks are also bringing supplies to Key West and other ares in south Florida.
  • Over the weekend and into the first part of next week, 80 semi-truckloads (53′) will arrive at the warehouse for staging to go south, allowing people in the devastated areas to be helped daily for the next six weeks.
  • FEMA has made Crossroads Alliance a recipient of donated products. The supplies given will be staged at their warehouse and distributed.

These efforts are just an example of the many volunteerism and donation efforts that our SEU students, faculty and staff have been participating in this past week. We are so proud of our community’s efforts and consider it a privilege to serve our neighbors.

In appreciation for Dr. Houlihan’s efforts, he will be the recipient of the game ball at the Irma Benefit Game at Victory Field on Saturday, September 16.