Dr. Alan Ehler Releases New Book

Using practical theology and studies of how the brain operates under pressure, Dr. Alan Ehler, dean of the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology, offers a balanced perspective on making big decisions as a Christian in his new book, How to Make Big Decisions Wisely: A Biblical and Scientific Guide to Healthier Habits, Less Stress, a Better Career and Much More. There are numerous books that talk about finding God’s will or general decision-making, but many of them fall to one extreme or another, claiming that God either always or never provides specific divine guidance. Ehler teaches a balanced path up the middle: God can speak to people through the supernatural yet it is okay that this is not the norm.

“You don’t need to be paralyzed in the absence of divine guidance,” said Ehler.

Ehler had been finishing up his master of divinity when he first discovered one of the ideas for his book. He began an extensive study on the Apostle Paul to gather inspiration from how Paul made major decisions in the Book of Acts.

It wasn’t until Ehler was at Southeastern teaching a course on shaping practical theology that he saw the need to move forward with his idea.

“As I studied and researched for that class, I really realized there was not a book out there that seemed to integrate everything that practical theology says, that could also speak into the lives of common believers, pastors, and leaders,” he said.

Originally the book was intended to be a master’s level textbook. “Along the way, I got some help and encouragement that this was the kind of stuff that ordinary, everyday Christians need to have,” said Ehler. “Because we all deal with big decisions, and these decisions matter.”

Ehler’s hope is that his book can reach and encourage people who need guidance in their everyday lives. “I hope it sets people free in both directions — to be open to God’s voice when He chooses to speak, but also to not be held hostage in its absence.”

How to Buy

The book is available for purchase at BigDecisionsBook.com, and via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com, and Church Source.