Doctoral Degrees in Leadership — Calling All Innovators

As technology and time transform the business landscape, organizations must depend on innovators. Southeastern University’s PhD in Organizational Leadership and Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL) programs expand what it means to lead, providing doctoral-level students with the knowledge to identify potential challenges and guide teams through ethical, innovative business solutions and practices. 

With the world in a constant leadership crisis, the answer is not to simply educate those who desire status or fame or a list of letters behind their name. What is needed now among the current and emergent leadership scene are servant leaders who are competent, authentic, transformational, spiritually sensitive, solid, time-tested, and emotionally-balanced,.

Both the PhD and DSL programs operate using a hybrid delivery model, in which students attend eight-week sessions of online and in-person courses during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Both degree programs require a total of 60 credit hours for graduation. Students begin their studies as a single cohort before they transition into either the PhD or DSL route. They also attend residencies each semester, which consist of intensive classes on SEU’s Lakeland campus, and can gain experience sharing their research at an academic or professional conference or with a journal. The first residency of the program spans approximately one week, and subsequent residencies are two and a half days. Students attend a total of 9 residencies over the course of 3 years, making the degree much more manageable for working professionals. 

As one cohort, students learn from industry experts in courses such as cultural intelligence, leadership theory, and organizational systems and management. Those pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership will work through 16 courses (48 credit hours) and a minimum of 12 credit hours of dissertation work to seize career opportunities such as a college or university professor, researcher, or think tank consultant. Compared to a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, a PhD in Organizational Leadership has a greater emphasis on research methods.

DSL students undertake 18 courses (54 credit hours) and a minimum of six credit hours of capstone project work. Their training prepares them for jobs in various agencies such as organizational consultants, executive coaches, and executive leaders. 

The DSL/PhD program at Southeastern University has been designed to aid learners in their development as leaders regardless of their career path or industry. The program prepares students to understand and practice well-documented theory. The question is…who is up for the challenge to help change the world?

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Article by Jordan Fleming, SEU Student

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