Career Week 2018

“How can you help me get a job after graduation?”

This is one of the most common questions that students (and their parents!) need answered when they’re considering their college options. At Southeastern University, not only do we help students find jobs, we help them find their calling.

Preparing for Success

Through a combination of on-campus services and events, we make sure that students will stand out during their interviews and really shine once their careers begin. At COMPASS—The Center for Calling and Career at SEU, Senior Director Pamela Crosby calls these “career exploration experiences.”

“These events and services are things we do to help our students with their resumes, prepare them for interviews and ultimately for their future professions,” she explains. This can show potential employers that these students have participated in career preparation activities to show that they are willing to learn what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Career Week

Career Week is a series of special events hosted each year by COMPASS. These events are aimed at preparing students for the “real world” and connecting them with potential employers, community mentors and networking opportunities.

The 2018 Career Week, which spans March 5–8, will encompass the following events:

  • Professional headshots taken on campus for use in online and professional networking
  • A chapel service focused on leadership and discerning life’s calling, led by Joshua Symonette of National Community Church
  • An Etiquette Dinner, featuring special guest Patricia Rossi, speaker and author of Everyday Etiquette
  • Dress for success tips
  • Resume check-ups/reviews with business professionals
  • Mock interviews
  • Panel discussion on entrepreneurship facilitated by The Lakelander, a local community publication
  • Career Fair, sponsored by The Ledger

Career Fair Sponsored by The Ledger

In partnership with The Ledger, SEU will host a career fair on Friday, March 8, featuring a multitude of local businesses. The community is invited to attend this event.

Students will get the opportunity to not only learn what jobs are possible in the Lakeland and Central Florida area, they will have the chance to meet community representatives, learn about the various businesses, churches and nonprofits that are based here, and discover options for their futures that they may not have considered.

A Special Chapel

Each year during Career Week, a chapel service is dedicated to the prayerful discernment of God’s call on students’ lives. This year’s service coincides with the athletic chapel, which makes the speaker Joshua Symonette all the more fitting. Years ago Symonette played in the NFL, but when he had an injury and could no longer play, he wondered what to do. He didn’t have a “plan B.” It was then that he was led to full-time ministry. Because he was open to God’s call, he is now part of National Community Church in Washington D.C., led by SEU Board member Pastor Mark Batterson.

Crosby shared that she heard Symonette preach and thought he would be the perfect fit for this chapel, right around the time that Drew Watson, SEU Director of Athletics, heard one of Symonette’s podcasts, and thought the same thing. “We’re so excited he’s coming,” Crosby shared. “Our students will greatly benefit from his testimony.” Symonette will also host a break-out session with Fire student-athletes and will attend the Etiquette Dinner.

On the Future

“We teach our students that their calling is about their relationship with God and His plan for their lives,” said Crosby. “We show them that by finding their calling and allowing that to pour over into their career, they’ll find both success and personal fulfillment after graduation. Career Week is just one of the ways we help them get there.”

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