Are You Fire Ready?

At SEU, we never stop finding ways to set students up for success. That’s why we’ve established Fire Ready! This clearance process ensures that our students have their important steps taken care of in advance.

New in 2020

Our residence halls will be open for check-in by appointment only from Friday, August 28, through Tuesday, September 1, from 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Students must be Fire Ready before an appointment time can be assigned. Beginning the week of August 3, all Fire Ready students will get an email with information on signing up for a move-in appointment.

Here’s how to get Fire Ready:

  • Complete the financial clearance process. You can book an virtual appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor here. (Tip: Tuesdays & Thursdays in July are set aside just for these appointments!)
  • Register for your classes by logging in to the JICS system.  (Need help figuring out which classes to take? Email advising@seu.edu to get connected with your academic advisor!)
  • Submit your final transcripts. (You can also send the receipt showing your transcript request to your admission counselor.)
  • Submit all required health forms.

Learn more about Fire Ready and who to contact with questions at SEU.edu/FireReady.

Important notes for students:

  • You can log in to JICS any time to see which Fire Ready categories show “Clear” or “Not Clear” in your profile.
  • Get Welcome Week/Orientation information here.
  • Find out everything we’re doing to keep campus as safe and healthy as possible on our Back to SEU page.

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