Anatomage Table at SEU

The Anatomage Table has recently been added to Southeastern University’s College of Natural and Health Sciences as a technological tool for students to utilize in the classroom. 

The Anatomage Table, produced as the world’s first virtual dissection table, is a digital cadaver table presenting three-dimensional, life-size images of real cadaver samples. The table allows students to view anatomy and internal organs and body systems exactly as they would on an actual cadaver.

“The 3-D, interactive images available in the Anatomage Table allow students to view and interact with medical school-level cadavers. The table is used in multiple courses mirroring graduate school dissections and diagnostic learning experiences,” said Megan Wagner, assistant professor of biology at Southeastern.

A Touch of Tech

The Anatomage Table turns the classroom into an operating room and, with the click of a button or swipe on the screen, students can make surgical cuts and perform dissections. The table includes preloaded medical conditions, such as Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer’s Disease. This allows students to participate in problem-based learning, where they apply classroom knowledge to solve the medical case on the table in front of them. Many medical schools require students to have taken these types of problem-based learning classes, where students are presented with clinical cases and must use what they have studied, as well as critical thinking skills, to solve the issue. 

“I’m a hands-on learner, and the Anatomage table has helped me to better understand how the systems of the body work together as a whole, rather than separately. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re striving to do — help the whole patient,” said Christiana Marchant, a junior planning to attend medical school and become a pediatric emergency physician.

Firsthand Experience

Health science students at Southeastern use the Anatomage table within their first year of college, allowing them to visualize the content they are studying in anatomy and physiology classes. The students continue to use it throughout their higher level courses, such as classes that incorporate problem-based learning and neuroscience. It is also equipped with quizzes, games and tests. If students want some extra practice, the College of Natural and Health Sciences offers open lab hours on weekdays when students can freely come to use the Anatomage table under the supervision of a teacher’s assistant.

Southeastern students who are pursuing a career in the health sciences field are given the chance to secure their seat at one of the nation’s largest medical schools. The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) has partnered with Southeastern to offer students early acceptance to their medical, pharmacy and dental schools. A total of 15 students, 5 for each school, may be accepted into this program. This opportunity is available to students enrolled in one of the health science degree programs. The biology degrees offered at Southeastern include: biology with concentrations in pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary and medical sciences; and the recent additions of biochemistry and biochemistry with a concentration in research.

Beyond Biology

Nursing, kinesiology and speech language education majors also benefit from this technology in their Anatomy and Physiology courses.

A Cut Above

Southeastern continues to stay on the cutting edge of higher education through using technology like the Anatomage Table. We’re excited to see how this technology investment continues to enhance the student experience!

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Article by Grace Jicha, SEU Student