A Moment in American History—Video Series

Former U.S. Congressman Dennis Ross, now director of the American Center for Political Leadership at Southeastern University, has posted brief videos of significant persons and events in American history. 

The project, known as “A Moment in American History,” was started at the time of the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s stay-at-home order to provide the public a sense of appreciation, education and hope to get through this crisis.    

With less than 18 percent of colleges and universities requiring at least one course in American history or civics, and witnessing a lack of understanding of the American form of democracy during his eight years in Congress, Ross decided to start this project.

“While we experience this great disruption and fear caused by the COVID pandemic, I want the American people to know that though we as a nation have endured much adversity and difficulties, we have always come through,” Ross said. 

“Just knowing that our country’s history is replete with ordinary people rising to the occasion to perform extraordinary deeds, can be comforting and encouraging,” said Ross. “Despite hardships and obstacles these Americans overcame those challenges to help build our great nation.” 

“It does me great honor to recognize our modern-day heroes on the frontline fight of this crisis, and to educate others that the American spirit is alive and thriving today,” said Ross. The approximately 2-minute videos posted Monday through Friday highlight various historical figures, some well known and some not so well known.  The vignettes include the heroics of individuals such as Clara Barton, the Civil War nurse who founded the American Red Cross; George Washington Carver, whose scientific mind helped transform and improve American agriculture; Ted Williams, a great baseball player and a war hero; and many others.

Ross serves as the researcher, writer and producer of the programs and his wife, Cindy, is the production crew. The videos can be viewed on the American Center for Political Leadership website, TheACPL.org, or on Facebook.

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