A Call to Action – Responding to Recent Violence

By Kent J. Ingle, D.Min.
Southeastern University

There is no doubt that our nation is facing some extraordinary challenges as the racial divisions that we have seen this past week continue to fuel acts of senseless violence.

By now we’ve all witnessed the shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas. As our country continues to experience an increased number of violent incidents spurred on by racial divisions, I urge our Southeastern University community to join with others around the nation and pray for not only the victims and their families, but also for God’s presence to bring an end to the meaningless violence we witness.

Let us remember it is our mandate to be people of reconciliation who serve as peacemakers in our communities and throughout all of society. Let us display and act according to our Christ-centered value of becoming salt and light in our community. Let us make sure that those who place their lives in harm’s way know that the Southeastern University community appreciates their sacrifice and devotion to our security and safety.

With this in mind, I challenge and encourage you to reach out to local law enforcement officers with a spirit of love, care and appreciation. Let them know that we are praying for them and their families. Let us also pray for God’s grace and peace to overcome the racial divisions that seem to fuel the ongoing violence and tension. Let us lead the way in the community of Lakeland and Polk County as we display the qualities that we are known for as a Christ-centered organization. May our spirit of love, compassion and unity be displayed not only in our words, but in our actions. May we never shy away from becoming a solution to the struggles, hurt, and injustice in our society.