5 Tips for Reviving Your Dorm Décor

With the school year now more than halfway through, it’s the perfect time to give your living space a thorough spring-cleaning, from de-cluttering and organizing to adding a few simple decorating touches. Not only will your roommate thank you, but you’ll also feel great about your surroundings for a few more months and be able to focus on your studies rather than on the mess around you. Below are five easy and affordable ways to get you started on refreshing your dorm décor.

1. Smart storage


Nothing can contribute to a messy living area like a disorganized closet and drawers. Because space is often limited in a college residence hall, it’s easy to shove clothes, books, toiletries, electronics and every other odd and end into whatever little corner you can find — out of sight, out of mind, right? Eventually, all that clutter will catch up to you, contributing to added stress when you can’t quickly find what you need. A simple storage organizer is an easy solution from the get-go, from shoe organizers that hang over a door or in your closet to drawer dividers to stylish desk storage solutions and more.

2. Bedding focus


The bed is often the focal point in a dorm space, so changing out your bedding is a quick way to revamp your décor scheme. For those with a two-sided comforter, it may be as simple as flipping it over to the opposite side for a fresh yet still complementary style. Others may want to rethink their bedding completely and go with a new pattern, style or color scheme. Don’t forget to add some comfy accent pillows to finish off your new look.

3. Nix the fluorescents


In a dorm, harsh overhead fluorescents are the norm and contribute little to helping make your space feel like home. The right lighting, however, is key to creating an inviting and comfortable living space. An easy daytime fix is avoiding flicking on the light switch. Instead, open your blinds to let in plenty of natural sunlight. For nighttime, desk lamps, rope lights and floor lamps are all options to consider. Just be sure to add several lighting sources, as a single lamp typically won’t give off a strong enough glow, even in a smaller dorm space.

4. Style underfoot


Whether the flooring in your dorm is carpet, tile or some other material, adding a soft, colorful rug can make a world of difference toward refreshing your décor and lending a layer of comfort to your living space. A few small scatter rugs will give your feet somewhere soft to land in the morning and set the stage for a great start to each day. Don’t forget to measure your available floor space before heading to the store, or even consider making your own with old fabric scraps for a personalized and affordable décor piece in whatever dimensions you desire.

5. Back to the basics

Sometimes the best way to revive your dorm décor is simply to scale back to the basics. With a semester of classes behind you, you also likely have a semester’s worth of clutter that’s found its way into your living space. Do yourself (and your roommate) a favor and set aside any items, including clothing, shoes, school supplies and textbooks, that you haven’t used in the past couple of months to donate to a local charity. You’ll not only feel good about de-cluttering your dorm space, but you’ll also be helping make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.SEU-Dorm

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