Expressions Storytelling Institute & Writers Conference

March 9–10, 2018

Writers of all interests and experience levels are invited to attend Expressions Storytelling Institute & Writers Conference. At this annual seminar, participants are given the opportunity to learn the key elements of storytelling and publishing from the best of the best. Guest speakers include professional communicators in all fields — authors, animators, journalists, bloggers, teachers, agents, editors and more — all with decades of combined experience.

March 10, 9:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m.
Registration Fee: $50
Advanced Registration Required


Tony D’Souzanovelist, journalist, essayist, reviewer, short story writer
Joni Fishernovelist, journalist, pilot
Bridget Fosterjournalist, producer, news director, blogger, nonfiction book author
Tiffany Chaconnovelist, teacher, essayist
Anna Cottonpoet, writing teacher
Jamie Beckettauthor, musician, pilot
Carol J. Postnovelist
Donna Kellyjournalist, author
SEU Department of Humanities faculty members

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