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Chelsea Arena (Class of 2016 and 2020)

I graduated from SEU in 2016 with a bachelor’s and in 2020 with a master’s in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. I now work as a Personal Trainer. My time at SEU prepared me for the field I am in now because of the knowledge I gained from the professors. From the leadership classes I took, I can now implement my knowledge when working with others on my team. One of my favorite memories I have from going to SEU was attending my first-ever college football game. I had never been to one, nor a professional game. It was great to feel the energy from the students and bring home a victory for the school. A fun fact about my journey at SEU is that I was only there for my senior year. The school I attended before that was Clearwater Christian College, which ended up closing in June of 2015. About 40–50 students from that school, including myself, transferred to SEU.

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