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Nicole Bradham (Class of 2017)

My name is Nicole Bradham. I graduated from Southeastern University in 2017 with a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Executive Leadership. Our family resides in Lakeland. My husband and I are currently working remotely. I am self-employed as a Digital Marketing Consultant with Mindset Marketing & Consulting. Clients seek out my services when they are looking to brand their business, create and execute Facebook and Instagram paid advertising, website design, email marketing and business strategy.

SEU prepared me for my current role as a consultant in many ways. First, the classroom provided a growth mindset for my entrepreneurial journey. Each of my professors took the time to learn about the students in our class. When they found out I was a business owner at the beginning of my journey, they found examples within the lesson to relate to business ownership. They were thoughtful in regard to relating my personal experience to the work we were doing in the classroom. I appreciated it and felt special because of it. Dr. Plastow was especially good about this in our Accounting class. Some of my favorite memories of my time at SEU was when the Global students came back from their mission trip and shared their experiences with us. I also remember praying before each class and feeling how that unified the students and allowed us to feel closer to our professor. I also really enjoyed the Capstone course. My group was very motivated and we enjoyed our time together. I also made some great friends I still have today.

Overall, between personal growth and networking, SEU changed my life for the better!

Heather Gleason (Class of 2013 and 2016)

I graduated SEU in 2013 with an undergrad in Business Management and in 2016 with a Master of Business Administration. I now live in the Tampa, Florida, area and work as an Employee Benefits and Payroll Services Manager at Arbitration Forums, Inc. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Southeastern University. I’m originally from Lansing, Michigan, but my family and I moved to Florida in 2005. Shortly after we moved, I remember receiving a postcard from SEU informing me of the evening classes they offered for people who worked during the day but wanted to take classes in the evening to earn their degree. It was five years later when I started on my educational journey at SEU. Today, I am able to utilize my wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others in assisting employees and their dependents on a daily basis. An SEU legacy has begun as my daughter, Rebecca, just completed her MBA at SEU (as well as her bachelor’s degree in 2018), and my son Bailey will also be graduating in 2021 with his bachelor’s degree. It has been such a blessing to continue to be a part of SEU through my kids and the SEU Alumni Association.

Sandra Dennis (Class of 1988)

I graduated SEU in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education K–6. I live in Indiantown, Florida, and am a newly-retired teacher. I’m still certified in Elementary Education and ESOL. My education from Southeastern has been a wonderful blessing. Wherever my family and I went, I was able to find work. We lived in Tunisia for 8 years and I was able to use my degree to teach in the University of Manouba. My favorite memory from Southeastern was going to Belgium on a summer mission trip with 10 other Southeasterners for 6 weeks. I also enjoyed being a part of the mission team on campus. I have fond memories of my teachers, such as Brother Cadenhead, Sister Rita, and Dr. Tjong.

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