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April 2021

April in Alumni Relations!

Our school year is coming to an end. In what will go down as one of the most challenging years in educational history, some great things still happened. We found new ways to make Homecoming even better and we created new avenues to bring even more alumni into our connected community through Zoom and online engagements. We are primed for the best year for our alumni ever. Please encourage all of your alumni friends to get involved. Involvement can include a social activity, professional development, mentoring students or giving back to SEU. There are so many different ways to be a part of our alumni community.

Thank you for the part you play as we Carry the Torch of SEU together.

Joel K. Johnson
Director of Alumni Relations

Spark Networking Site

SEUSpark.org has officially launched!

Alumni Relations always strives to better serve our alumni, so we launched a professional network! SEUSpark connects both alumni and current students. We are thrilled to be building this platform, but we need alumni to help.

Create an account today, completely FREE of charge, to check out the various ways alumni can connect with each other and what mentoring opportunities are available.

Carry the Torch Podcast

SEU Alumni Relations has released a podcast to meet alumni wherever they are! We want to connect alumni with their alma mater when the timing is most convenient. Join podcast host Joel Johnson as he meets with various guest speakers, such as Dr. Bill Hackett or Candice and Matt Gross, to discuss their stories. Stay tuned for more news and updates that impact you.

We encourage you to find five quiet minutes to reconnect with SEU.

Listen now.

Join us for Commencement In-Person or Virtually

Celebrate our Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremonies by joining us and our graduates on Friday, April 30, at 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Commencement will be held at the RP Funding Center.

Click here to see more details and when each college will recognize its graduates.

For those who are not able to attend, we will be live-streaming the ceremonies here.

Monthly Mention - David Covey

Check out our spotlight alumnus, David Covey, using the following link!


We need more alumni to highlight!

Contact us to share what goals you have achieved in your career, in your education or in your life overall.

Inspire other alumni by sharing your post-graduate journey today. You can start by letting us know you want to be featured.


Carry the Torch Teams - Virtual and in-person events beginning in Summer 2021!

Join other SEU alumni in your area this summer! We will have meet-ups in several states for any alum interested in getting connected!

Help us kickstart Carry the Torch Team events by getting involved in your area. Let us know if you want to participate or host an event in your state.


National Virtual Alumni Meet-Up

Alumni Relations is hosting a Virtual Alumni Meet-Up on May 25, 2021, for alumni around the country.

We want to provide an opportunity for alumni to stay in touch with their higher ed community. Join your alma mater for this national virtual meet-up to hear about news and opportunities to give back to students. Invite your college friends to be a part of this event to make it more fun!

We look forward to giving away prizes, sharing student stories and updating alumni. Learn how fine arts, athletics and spiritual development are growing on campus. We will also hear from administration for a live Q&A panel, so don’t miss this event. We look forward to your participation!


Carry the Torch Day

Our Carry the Torch Day begins immediately after the Virtual Alumni Meet-Up on May 25. This day is dedicated to fundraising for 24 hours, working to directly fund scholarships for returning students in the fall of 2021.

This year, alumni will be competing to see which decade of alumni can raise the most scholarship money.

Last year, our SEU alumni made a significant impact with our Student Relief Fund. Alumni helped raise $221,000 to help students facing challenges from COVID-19 return to school.

While students’ needs may be different this year, our students are both influenced and enabled by every gift you give. Our challenge: figure out what you can give and encourage your alumni friends to donate or even match your gift.

All donations go directly to student scholarships.

Transform students’ lives and support the community that is working to prepare the next generation to fulfill their divine design.


Homecoming Weekend

October 22-23 is our official Homecoming weekend! We want our alumni to be a part of this exciting event and have the chance to reconnect with their college friends on campus. Homecoming is one of the most eventful times each year at SEU. Plan to be a part of the liveliness at your alma mater for one weekend in October. We look forward to seeing you in Lakeland!

Pro Tip: Text friends NOW to begin planning a getaway trip to Lakeland.


SEU Alumni & Friends Reception

General Council for the Assemblies of God will be August 2-6.

Head to Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, August 5, at 8:30 p.m. to meet us at the Orange County Convention Center. All alumni are invited to come and enjoy the SEU Alumni & Friends Reception!

The Alumni Bookshelf

SEU Alumni Relations is collecting books to begin an online bookshelf! We know our alumni have spent countless hours working to publish their writing and we want to recognize them. Please contact us if you have anything to add to the SEU Alumni Bookshelf so we can promote your written work on our site. We will keep you updated as this bookshelf becomes available.

SEU Tech Discount

We’re offering an exclusive program discount to SEU alumni (up to $1,000 off) on our new and innovative program — SEU Tech.

Looking to further develop your skill set within your field? Our SEU Tech program will give you the skills necessary to seek or enhance a career in cybersecurity, data science or software development (full stack, front end or back end) — all on your schedule and within your budget. No prior tech experience is required!

With competitive pricing, content designed by industry experts, flexible learning options and career services (available for cybersecurity, data science and full stack only), your certificate journey at SEU Tech will transform you in the best possible way.

Learn more today.

Statewide Alumni News

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