Award Letter Overview

One of the final steps in completing the SEU financial aid process is reviewing your personalized financial aid award letter. Your award letter includes a breakdown of the money you are eligible to receive toward educational costs, including academic and institutional scholarships and federal aid. For more information, feel free to also reach out to our Office of Student Financial Services at 800.500.8760 or sfs@seu.edu if you need additional assistance.

View a Sample Award Letter

Your financial aid award letter will include your personalized award amounts from the sources we have determined that are available to you. If you have scholarships from third party sources, they may not appear on this letter, but you can apply them toward your tuition by working with Student Financial Services.

2019 Sample Award Letter

Haven't Received Your Letter Yet?

Before we are able to determine your eligibility for financial assistance and send you your award letter, we need to have received your FAFSA results. Click below to learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and how to submit yours today.