Understanding Your College Finances

There are many steps involved in successfully completing the college financial aid process, from filling out the FAFSA to taking out loans to submitting required paperwork. Aimed at ensuring you stay on track from beginning to end, our Financial Aid 101 program includes the most important info you will need to know, including frequently asked questions, important websites to visit and payment options. Get started by choosing your student classification below. The included descriptions may or may not describe your situation perfectly; choose the one that’s the best fit. If you need additional assistance in determining whether you are a traditional or nontraditional student, please contact our admission team at 800.500.8760 or admission@seu.edu.

Traditional Students

Traditional students generally fall between the ages of 18 and 22, transitioned straight from high school into college and attend classes on campus full time. A traditional student may be someone entering college for the first time or transferring from another university.

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Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional students are generally age 23 or older, may have taken a break following high school graduation in order to pursue a professional career and study part time or full time online or through classes on campus during the evenings.

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