Early Start Summer Bridge Program

The Early Start Summer Bridge program at Southeastern University provides instruction and advising to help incoming first-year students make the transition from high school to college. This residential program targets students who may need to improve their placement scores and get a head start on their first year of college. Students who participate in this program will stay on campus and complete a rigorous, four-week academic program that includes instruction and workshops in math and English, as well as seminars about transitioning to college life.


Program Information

This program is for students who have a commitment to their college success. If you are committed to excelling in college, then we are committed to preparing you to do so.


The overall cost is $950, which includes the non-refundable $300 pre-registration fee and covers all course work, materials such as books, room and board, and other program activities. During the week, lunch is also provided.

As an Early Start Summer Bridge participant, you have the opportunity to improve your placement scores, become familiar with SEU and its resources, and likely avoid remedial course work during your first year, thereby saving you additional time and tuition costs. Remedial courses can cost thousands of dollars and not necessarily count toward your degree.

All Early Start Summer Bridge participants stay in on-campus housing at Southeastern University with other program participants. All rooms are furnished, though you will need to bring personal items such as sheets, towels, a microwave, a refrigerator, a TV, etc. Each room comes with Internet accessibility, but students must provide their own Ethernet cable. There are laundry rooms available as well and common areas for relaxing, studying and getting to know your new friends.

Only lunch is provided during the week. Students should plan accordingly for their other meals. Southeastern’s Mi Casa Café is open all summer and offers select sandwich and grill items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also snacks and microwavable meals available for purchase, as well as a wide variety of juices, sodas and energy drinks.

Visitors are welcome when there aren’t program events scheduled, but all visitations must be cleared through a program administrator, and visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the residence halls.

The program limits personal student travel away from the campus during the first two weeks. Travel during the third and fourth weeks must be approved by one of the program administrators. Your vehicle must be registered through campus security.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in and/or eligible for the Early Start Summer Bridge program, you must complete the following steps:

    1. Apply and be accepted to Southeastern University
    2. Submit your enrollment deposit
    3. Submit your Early Start Summer Bridge application online

Please note that students must apply for general admission prior to being considered for the Early Start Summer Bridge program. Applicants who apply to the program but who have not applied to the university will not be considered. Program participants will then be selected based on eligibility and the order in which applications are received. A $300 nonrefundable pre-registration fee is required upon acceptance, and the remaining balance ($650) will be due upon or before enrollment.

Important Dates

Program dates for the 2016 session are to be determined. Please check back in the spring for more information.

Contact Information

Laura White, Executive Director
SEU Center for Student Success
Phone: 863.667.5086