The Academy Registration Form

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  • Academic Information

  • If you answered “No,” which terms have you been enrolled for, and how many total credit hours have you earned?

  • Community Life

  • Southeastern is more than just a university. It is a community of believers seeking excellence in spiritual, academic, and personal life. Within this community, there is an environment that focuses on the ideals for a life that will honor Christ Jesus. A commitment to join this community obligates each believer to a code of scriptural and civilized community behavior. Each member is responsible to reflect a genuine love of God and desire to please Him in every aspect of his or her life, attitudes, and conduct. Recognizing that it is impossible to set standards upon which each individual will agree, basic standards have been established by the university that allow the community to effectively live and work together.

    Since members have voluntarily chosen to become part of the Southeastern University community, violations of these principles and standards will be subject to disciplinary action. The university reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct is contrary to the standards and regulations of Southeastern University and/or who displays an unwillingness/inability to adjust to the university environment. Upon acceptance to the university, the student concedes to Southeastern the right to take such actions.

  • Community Covenant

  • The community of believers at Southeastern University is committed to the development of spiritual and academic excellence. A commitment to join this community obligates each believer to a code of scriptural and civilized behavior. As a believer and a member of the community at Southeastern University:

    • I will practice the spiritual disciplines
    • I will pursue academic integrity
    • I will respect the dignity of all persons and highly value the diversity of the body of Christ
    • I will respect the rights and property of others
    • I will discourage bigotry, slander, and gossip among the members of the community
    • I will resolve conflict according to the model in Matthew 18:15-20;
    • As a representative of Christ, I will demonstrate compassion for others and a passion for the lost.

    A commitment to the ideals of the community requires that each member refrain from and discourage behaviors that threaten the dignity of every individual and the integrity of the community. Basic standards of conduct have been established by the university or on the premises; alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited. Refer to the Student Handbook on file in the university library for additional information regarding academic and university life policies.


  • I certify that the information on this application is complete and correct. If the Admission Committee deems it necessary, I authorize a thorough investigation to be made in connection with this application concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, employment, educational background, and criminal record, whichever may be applicable. I specifically authorize any employer, law enforcement agency, local, state, and federal references to release any and all information requested by Southeastern University concerning my admission. I understand this investigation may include interviews with third parties such as family members, church leaders, educators, employers, friends, neighbors, and others with whom I am acquainted. I also affirm that, if I am accepted for admission, I will abide by the Community Life Statement of Southeastern University, and the policies of the college as outlined in the Student Handbook.

  • Academy Enrollment Registration Fee

  • Price: $500.00
  • American Express