Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Are you empathetic to others’ needs and issues? Naturally curious? Organized? A career in psychology and counseling may be a good fit for you. At Southeastern University, your psychology courses will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to counsel others in the spirit of Christ. We offer four degree options: a campus-based BS in Psychology, an online BS in Psychology, an online BS in Psychology with a concentration in Pre-Counseling, and an online BS in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Learn how to design sound experiments to help you discover why people behave the way they do. You will learn various theories to explain normal human behavior, behavior that’s not accepted by society and behavior of people as they grow from infants to the mature stages of adulthood. You’ll also learn how to design sound experiments to help you discover why people do what they do. In addition to your core courses, you will complete internships that will give you practical experience in the field. Whether interested in immediately entering the workforce or enrolling in a graduate program for further training, you will find an undergraduate degree in psychology prepares you for a variety of work settings and career fields.

Earn this degree on campus or in our convenient, fully-online format.

Online Program Concentrations

The online format of this degree also provides the option to choose a specialized concentration based on your career goals.

Pre-Counseling Concentration 
If you are planning to attend graduate school in order to pursue a career in counseling, marriage and family therapy, or guidance counseling, this concentration is designed for you. The courses in this concentration will provide additional education in the areas of counseling and research. Additionally, you will complete a Psychology Practicum course, which will provide in-person observation and exposure to the counseling environment.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Concentration
If you would like to move directly into the workforce with a bachelor’s degree, or if you are planning to pursue a graduate degree in industrial/organizational psychology, the Industrial/Organizational concentration is designed for you. The courses in this concentration focus on the application of psychology to the workplace and will pull from several different areas of psychology, including cognitive, social, and behavioral. By completing this concentration, you will also develop the critical reasoning skills that will be necessary to be successful in this field.

Communication and Careers in Psychology 

Research Methods in Psychology

Statistical Methods in Psychology

Theories of Personality

Developmental Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

Cultural Psychology

Social Psychology

Physiological Psychology

Learning and Cognition

Field Experience in Psychology (Campus-based program only)

Professional/Ethical/Legal Issues (Online programs only)

Psychology Capstone Senior Seminar (Online programs only)

An undergraduate degree in Psychology prepares students for entering the workforce in a variety of settings and fields. Some students wishing to become therapists pursue graduate studies in mental health counseling, clinical social work, clinical psychology, and more.