Bachelor of Science in Practical Ministries

At Southeastern, practical ministries majors are equipped to become ministry leaders and given opportunities to serve in real-world settings. In your ministry role, you’ll be expected to discern God’s will for your congregation, illuminate Scripture and inspire people to follow God — all tasks you’ll be prepared for through your training at Southeastern. Become equipped with the skills to serve and inspire as a ministry leader.Within the major, we’ll teach you various pastoral and administrative techniques and theories of pastoral leadership. You’ll learn how to construct sermons and deliver them in a variety of settings. You’ll also choose an academic minor — from missions to social services — to help you develop an interest that will enhance your ministry. After your study of theories, techniques and other subjects, you’ll observe ministry firsthand and apply what you’ve learned. During four semesterlong practicum courses, you’ll observe, practice and reflect upon ministries in churches and other organizations. Your training will ultimately culminate with a 10-week internship at a church, where you’ll practice performing all the duties of a ministry leader.

Choose an academic minor — from missions to social services — to complement your studies and broaden your skill set.

Program Details

62 hours of major core
55 hours of general education
18 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 135

Sample Core Courses

  • Christian Spirituality (PMIN 2123) — The course is designed to help students understand and engage in spiritual growth and cultivate their personal relationships with God. The course addresses such areas as prayer, Bible study, fellowship, trials, the grace of God, and the need to be obedient to God. Students will also become acquainted with various perspectives on spiritual life from the area of historical theology. This course requires careful study and reflection on appropriate biblical texts.
  • Pastoral Theology I (PMIN 3533) — This course is an introduction to creative and effective communication techniques within children’s and youth ministries. It will examine basic principles of the teaching-learning process, the art of storytelling, and a variety of other illustrative methods. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.
  • Church Business Administration (PMIN 4323) — A study of the various areas of pastoral responsibilities including board administrations and organizations, committee organization, leadership training, budgeting, financing, planning, auxiliary organizations and their relationship to total church program. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.