Bachelor of Science in Music Business

Singer, manager or producer — the music industry needs them all. But more than that, it needs professionals who are committed to Christian values as well as artistic excellence. At Southeastern, you’ll be equipped for both, all while studying within an hour’s drive of Orlando, one of the hottest entertainment hubs in the United States. As a music business major, you will choose between two learning tracks: artist or executive. Hone in on your desired career path through our artist and executive learning tracks.If you want to break into the industry as a performer, the artist track is designed for you. You’ll learn how to read and arrange music charts, become proficient at keyboard and guitar, coordinate and lead a music ensemble, work with record executives and much more. In the executive track, you’ll learn how to manage legal, financial, artistic and ethical issues, as well as evaluate the quality of work you encounter as an industry executive. In addition to choosing a specialized track, our music business majors participate in a semester at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee. There, you’ll also concentrate on either the executive or the artistic side of the music business, studying either artist management, marketing and sales or the essentials of songwriting, studio recording and performance.

Participate in a semester at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Program Details

68 hours of major core
54 hours of general education
8 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 130

Music Majors, Ensembles and Scholarship Auditions

In addition to acceptance to Southeastern University, each student pursuing a music degree at SEU must also apply and be accepted to the Department of Music. Music minors do not require an audition. The online music application must be completed via Acceptd in order to schedule an audition. After completing the music application, an audition time will be sent to you for the date requested. Please note that music scholarships are listed as part of an applicant’s financial aid award package. Therefore, applicants must complete the university application process before a music award can be confirmed.

Sample Core Courses

  • Aural Theory I (MUSC 1041) — This course provides training in the recognition of fundamental melodic, harmonic and rhythmic patterns. In addition, training is provided in sight-reading melodic and rhythmic excerpts with a moderate level of difficulty.
  • Music Theory II (MUSC 1233) — This course is a study of the fundamental principles of harmonic progression and harmonic rhythm, seventh chords, modulation, secondary dominants, leading-tone chords and four-part composition. Included in this course is the study of small musical forms.
  • Marketing (BUSI 3303) — This course examines the structures, functions and behaviors of marketing systems. The basic exchange functions of pricing, product development and management, promotion and distribution are studied within the contexts of decision-making, consumer satisfaction and the environments of business.
  • Entrepreneurship (MNGT 4163) — Entrepreneurship is the science of designing and operating a new venture. In the context of this course, the roles of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be examined, factors that lead to higher levels of success will be reviewed and the practical details and legal parameters of opening a small business will be studied. Creating a business plan for a viable enterprise is critical to this course.

Music Core

Departmental Recital

Aural Theory I and II

Music Theory I and II

Audio and Production Technology I and I (and Lab)

Piano Proficiency Exam

Guitar Proficiency Exam

Music Business Senior Project

Business Core

Foundations of Business

Introduction to Accounting and Finance OR

Principles of Financial Accounting

Writing for Public Relations and Advertising

Principles of Management


Business Law I


Artist manager

Talent manager

Booking agent

Concert promoter


Retail sales manager

Marketing coordinator


Music business consultant

Music Business: Nashville Contemporary Music Center

The Contemporary Music Center (CMC) offers you a front-row ticket to the music industry. Learn all of Nashville’s “ins and outs” as you visit a publishing house, modern recording studio and sound stage. Meet with a working songwriter, producer, engineer and music arranger to get a taste of the working life in this musical metropolis. Put it all together at the Hardscuffle Building, where world-class equipment waits for your God-given talents.

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