Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Media Ministry

Media ministry is becoming an increasingly critical aspect in modern churches and Christian organizations. However, it has long been a struggle for these organizations to find professionally trained media personnel to help them operate efficiently and effectively. Help to meet a growing need for professionally trained media personnel in churches and Christian organizations.To meet this growing need, we are equipping media ministry majors through a combination of hands-on training in media and leadership, with a focus on developing skills in photography; film, radio and TV production; acting; writing and editing; graphic design; and directing. In addition to your general education courses and communication core, you will complete a media ministry core, which includes communication and ministry courses.

Acquire a broad range of skills in areas such as photography; film, radio and TV production; acting; writing and editing; graphic design; and directing.

Program Details

Sample Core Courses

  • Media Ethics (COMM 2122) — This course is an examination of moral and social conduct and decision-making in the world of media. Contemporary ethical issues in commercialism, journalism and media expression will be examined in light of biblical principles.
  • Writing for the Mass Media (COMM 3333) — This course focuses on writing skills for the mass media, including print, broadcast, documentary and online journalism as well as public relations and advertising. It includes instruction on interviewing, research and copy editing for various media and story formats.
  • Pastoral Theology I (PMIN 3533) — This course is an introduction to creative and effective communication techniques within children’s and youth ministries. It will examine basic principles of the teaching-learning process, the art of storytelling and a variety of other illustrative methods. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.
  • Leadership Development (PMIN 4023) — A theological rationale based on the doctrine of the priesthood of the believer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit is developed with practical application for the recruitment and development of lay persons for ministry within the congregation and to the community. This course focuses on the identification of individual gifts and talents that persons may possess and the training of those individuals for various ministries. Styles of leadership, administrative functions and multistaff relationships are considered.