Exceptional Student Education

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Increase your effectiveness and ability to serve your students with special needs.

Discover how to effectively educate students with special needs through this innovative and creative online program. You’ll gain unique skills and knowledge to help you empathize with and improve your efficiency in serving students who have a variety of learning challenges. This degree’s focus on inclusion makes this program appealing to all teachers.

About This Degree

Teachers with expertise in the field of Exceptional Student Education are always in demand. In fact, this demand is expected to grow approximately 35 percent over the next 10 years. In this program, you’ll explore how to adapt your lesson plans and teaching style to suit your students’ individual needs. 

Our challenging curriculum explores topics such as:

  • Foundations of exceptional student learning
  • Teaching students with learning, attention deficit, intellectual, and developmental disabilities
  • Historical and current practices of educating those with emotional, behavioral, and spectrum disorders
  • Positive behavior support and reinforcement

You’ll learn instructional methods that will help you:

  • Promote a positive impact on student achievement
  • Create an inclusive classroom
  • Manage and assess individual student or group behavior
  • Interpret test scores
  • Make decisions regarding individualized educational plans and programs
  • Explore evidence-based tools used to increase student reading and writing achievement

Program Details

Credit Hours: 36

Est. Program Length: 12–18 months 

Tuition: See rates

Our flexible course options are designed with your busy schedule in mind, and you’ll receive personalized attention and support from educators with years of experience.

Career Ideas

Our online ESE program will open doors for you to discover different career opportunities. Some of the possible career paths you can pursue after graduation include:

  • ESE Teacher
  • ESE Coordinator
  • Inclusion Specialist