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Enhance your classroom abilities & build the foundation to successfully transition into school leadership.

Learn topics such as policy-making, school finance, curriculum development, conflict resolution, school law, and personnel management. Plus, discover leadership approaches that will cultivate a thriving educational community.

About This Degree

Through our online master’s degree in educational leadership, you will explore various topics that are critical to effective academic administration, including:

  • Defining, planning, implementing, and analyzing K–12 curricula
  • Examining various instructional strategies
  • Adult learning theories, behaviors, supervisory models, tasks and skills, along with strategies for continuous improvement
  • The issues and opportunities surrounding academic administrators such as authoritative, delegative, participative, and servant leadership
  • Effective written and verbal communication, mediation, and conflict-resolution skills
  • Human resources management
  • Student evaluation and achievement
  • How to plan and manage functions of a school, such as budgeting, purchasing, records management, maintenance, and technology application
  • Legal principles and interpretations of constitutional and statutory laws that affect teachers’ rights, as well as student legal rights and the ethical parameters of educational leadership

This program also requires you to complete a supervised practicum, which will allow you to apply educational theory and practice to real-world leadership experiences.

Program Details

Credit Hours: 36

Est. Program Length: 18 months 

Tuition: See rates

Our flexible course options are designed with your busy schedule in mind, and you’ll receive personalized attention and support from educators with years of experience.

Career Ideas

You can pursue a variety of careers within education administration after graduating from our online master’s degree in educational leadership. Some of the possible career outcomes include:

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Dean of Students or Faculty
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • University Registrar