MBA in Missional Leadership

A Christian worldview is the centerpiece for every MBA course at SEU. Our Missional Leadership track equips kingdom-minded professionals to create change in the business world, granting students practical, valuable tools for success in the workplace.

This track offers students the opportunity to sharpen their focus and perfect business principles, allowing them to effectively serve in church leadership positions, faith-based non-profits, parachurch organizations, and even mission work. Typically completed within one to two years, students will graduate from this program with advanced decision-making abilities and a more complete understanding of how to be “ministers in the marketplace.

“Through each of my missional leadership MBA classes, my professors taught me to view business through the lens of servant leadership, and how to impact the world around me for christ. From accounting to leading across cultures, these lessons have already proven the value of an SEU MBA in my ministry and in my business endeavors.” — Stephen Bailey, '16

Program Details

Total credit hours — 39

Cost per credit hour — $525
Estimated total tuition cost — $20,475

Financial Aid

We have Financial Aid staff dedicated specifically to graduate students. These staff members can assist you with coordinating employer assistance benefits, church-matching scholarships, federal aid, private loans, and military benefits. Convenient payment plans are also available.

Core Courses

MBA Principles 

Marketing Management 

Organizational Behavior 

Ethics, Stewardship, and the Legal Environment of Business 

Information Technology Leadership

Global Business Management

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Accounting and Finance 

Strategic Missional Leadership

Nonprofit Director

Human Resources Specialist 

Missions Director

Church Administrator