Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bible is the foundation for understanding the Christian faith. Southeastern’s School of Divinity is excited to launch a new, rigorous degree to give you the skills to understand scripture, the Savior it describes, the historical setting in which it was written, and responsible ways to interpret it for a new generation. This Master of Arts in Biblical Studies includes learning biblical Greek or Hebrew and developing a solid theological foundation, in addition to several courses on interpreting the Bible. This degree provides an excellent next step for a pastor seeking to enhance preaching skills or a future biblical studies professor en route to a PhD.

This program will be available at the Lakeland campus beginning Fall 2020 and online in 2021.  

The School of Divinity (graduate programs) within the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology at Southeastern University is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Gain the necessary preparation to excel in
a doctoral program.

Program Details

45 credit hours of major core
3 credit hours of thesis
Total credit hours — 48

Cost per credit hour — $495
Estimated total tuition cost — $23,760
Additional fees not included.

Financial Aid

We have Financial Aid staff dedicated specifically to graduate students. These staff members can assist you with coordinating employer assistance benefits, church-matching scholarships, federal aid, private loans, and military benefits. Convenient payment plans are also available.

Sample Core Courses

  • Graduate Systematic Theology I (THEO 5533) — This course acquaints students with the foundational belief structures of Christian faith in relation to the Pentecostal theological tradition. Major doctrines such as theological method, the doctrine of God, revelation, scripture, sin, the person and work of Christ, and the nature of faith will be investigated.
  • Biblical Interpretation and Proclamation (THEO 5223) — A study of the development and expression of biblical exegesis and exposition in relation to the contemporary social, cultural, family and faith issues confronting Christians in the North American church. Selected biblical passages will be analyzed in light of their message and potential influence on important contemporary issues impacting the local church.
  • Shape of Practical Theology (THEO 5503) — This course covers critical issues related to questions about the nature of God’s presence in everyday life. It develops a foundation for practical theology based on fundamental issues by defining dilemmas for study, developing a dialogue with pertinent sources, formulating and implementing reasonable intentions for resolving those dilemmas, and assessing the application of those intentions. This will involve theological reflection on the unique issues, which arise in the major spheres of home, church, academy, and workplace.
  • Foundations of OT Literature and History (THEO 5543) — This course provides the background for Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) biblical studies as well as introduces key theological themes of the Old Testament.

Theological Studies Core

Graduate Systematic Theology I and II

Practical Ministries Core

Biblical Interpretation and Proclamation

Spirit Empowered Discipleship

Shape of Practical Theology

Biblical Studies Core

Foundations of Old Testament Literature and History

Foundations of New Testament Literature and History


Bible teacher

Religion writer/editor

Senior pastor


Church administrator

Youth pastor