Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership

Southeastern’s Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML) program is designed to help you grow as a Christ follower and equip you with the tools to make your church more fruitful for the Kingdom.Choose between our convenient online or campus-based Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership programs. Whether you enroll in the online or campus-based program, you will take 36 credit hours of classes that will give you strategies to sharpen your character and the theological, biblical and practical knowledge to improve your local ministry. Our veteran professors, many with decades of experience in both teaching and leading, will help you navigate the personal challenges in Christian leadership, such as balancing the need to be open and honest while also practicing shrewd judgment. And in regard to your church ministry, we’ll give you methods to meet the diverse needs of a congregation in the 21st century. Courses for this degree may be taken online, in person, or a combination of the two.

Degree Concentrations

This program also includes concentration options in leadership practices and practices of ministry. These concentrations allow you to customize your studies and gain relevant skills for your chosen professional path. If you are just starting a ministry career or sensing a call to shift into ministry from another career field, we encourage you to take the Ministry Concentration. It will give you a broader range of ministry skills as well as a solid foundation in the Bible and Christian theology. The Leadership Concentration is designed for those who have been in vocational ministry for several years and want to hone their leadership skills to enable them to lead at a higher level.

Visit our Executive MAML page to learn about our 20-month program option.

The School of Divinity (graduate programs) within the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology at Southeastern University is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Become equipped with the tools to make your church more fruitful for the Kingdom.

Program Details

Total credit hours — 36
Cost per credit hour — $495

Estimated total tuition cost — $17,820
Additional fees not included.

Financial Aid

We have Financial Aid staff dedicated specifically to graduate students. These staff members can assist you with coordinating employer assistance benefits, church-matching scholarships, federal aid, private loans, and military benefits. Convenient payment plans are also available.

Sample Core Courses

  • Effective Leadership (PMIN 5333) — A thorough examination of the role of a leader in planning, team building, developing a clear sense of mission, shared values, and vision. Evaluation of church and parachurch organizations will be explored as they relate to issues of effective leadership.
  • Biblical Exposition and Faith Integration (PMIN 5223) — A study of the development and expression of biblical exegesis and exposition in relation to the contemporary social, cultural, family and faith issues confronting Christians in the North American church. Selected biblical passages will be analyzed in light of their message and potential influence on important contemporary issues impacting the local church.
  • Managing Change and Conflict (PMIN 5233) — An examination of the dynamics of leading congregations through the various phases of church life, especially as difficult situations arise. The course will also examine methods of dealing with difficult people and situations of conflict arising from church life and church growth. Issues related to fairness, compromise, conciliation, and cooperation will be addressed.
  • Spirit-Empowered Discipleship (PMIN 5353) — This course surveys contemporary Pentecostal approaches and challenges to Christian spiritual formation. It offers a review of the biblical foundations and traditional Pentecostal practices or disciplines for a deeper spirituality. In addition it addresses various methodologies and challenges for spiritual formation within the student’s particular missional context.

Core Courses

Homiletics: Methods of Biblical Preaching and Teaching

Managing Change and Conflict

Shape of Practical Theology

Graduate Systematic Theology I and II

Biblical Exposition and Faith Integration

Ministerial Leadership Concentration

Effective Leadership

Strategic Missional Leadership

Spirit-Empowered Discipleship

Holistic Pastoral Counseling

Foundations for Cross Cultural Ministry

Leadership Development

Associate pastor

Parachurch leader

Overseas missionary

Church planter

Campus pastor