Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Often, when people think of marketing, words like manipulation, half-truths and trickery come to mind. At Southeastern, however, we know marketing is, in essence, not manipulation but rather service. We know that providing the right product to the right audience is an important task. And so when we think of marketing, other words spring to mind. Honesty. Fairness. Integrity. Faithfulness. Make valuable and strategic connections in the local business community that will aid you in your career.We believe that God calls Christians to bring these qualities to the field of marketing. And we believe that you can make the sale and still tell the truth. Within our Christ-centered marketing program, our approach is current and hands-on so that you gain the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to succeed in any marketing career. Classes ground you firmly in the tenets of marketing: consumer behavior, advertising and sales. While you’re a student, you will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through community service projects and internships, making meaningful contributions to local organizations, from businesses to churches to nonprofit agencies. By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready to commit your knowledge, problem-solving skills and ethical foundation to a marketing career — and, more broadly, to your community.

Gain marketing know-how through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Program Details

15 hours of pre-business core
24 business core
18 hours of major core*
55 hours of general education
13 hours of electives*

Total credit hours — 125

* Can substitute the 20 credit hour marketing communication concentration  with 11 credit hours of electives

Sample Core Courses

  • Consumer Behavior (MKTG 3123) — This course acquaints the student with the basic dynamics of consumer decision-making. It considers economic, social, psychological and other factors that impact the purchasing process. These factors are considered in conjunction with creating a more effective marketing mix.
  • Professional Selling (MKTG 3133) — Developing and applying essential professional selling skills through the use of interpersonal communication to effectively market goods and services and yourself. Emphasis is placed on the personal selling process through study and application.
  • Marketing Research (MKTG 4133) — The techniques used to define problems, gather research information, process primary and secondary sources of information and the reporting of the information to solve marketing problems. Statistical analysis in the reporting of information is given a heavy emphasis.
  • Retail Management (MKTG 4173) — Retailing is studied from a decision-making approach. Topics covered include retailing strategy, consumer shopping behavior, human resource planning, the retail mix, communications, merchandising and location.

Pre-Business Core

Principles of Financial Accounting

Business Communications I


Principles of Managerial Accounting

Data Management Analysis

Business Core

Principles of Finance

Principles of Management

Business Communications II


Business Law I

Business Analytics II

Accounting Information Systems

Business Policies

Major Core

Consumer Behavior

Professional Selling

Channel and Logistics Management

Marketing Research

Retail Management

3 Credit Hours from the Following Major Core

International Marketing




Market research analyst

Brand manager

Sales manager

Product manager

Business owner


Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Bachelor of Science in Management

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Master of Business Administration