Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Legal studies is a growing field that addresses students’ desire for a marketable and flexible degree. The interdisciplinary nature of the program prepares students for law school as well as for employment in other legal areas. Specialize your career path with a concentration in pre-law or paralegal studies.With our two-track system, you have the ability to tailor your degree plans to develop the appropriate skills for your desired career path. In addition to completing 36 credit hours of major-specific classes, you will complete 12 credit hours in either the pre-law or the paralegal concentrations. Those preparing to go directly to law school may prefer to complete the pre-law option, while those interested in managing a law office or working in another legal area may pursue the paralegal route.

Gain a versatile legal degree that will allow you to advance to law school or work in a legal office.

Program Details

36 hours of major core
55 hours of general education
12 hours of concentration courses
24 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 127

Sample Core Courses

  • Introduction to Legal Theory (PLAW 3013) — This course introduces students to the profession of law, with an emphasis on the distinction and relationship of theory and practice. Advice is offered to students on preparing for and choosing a law school. The course also provides practical advice on how to succeed in law school. Students will also be exposed to basic legal research and writing techniques.
  • Legal Research and Writing (PLAW 3433) — This course is designed to teach students how to identify and analyze legal problems. Students will engage in legal research using primary and secondary sources. Upon completion of the legal analysis of a problem, students will prepare a written form that adheres to the conventions of the legal profession.
  • Moot Court (PLAW 4243) — This course will prepare students to work in a team setting. Students will be assigned to a team and will prepare appellate arguments based on hypothetical cases. Students will develop, prepare and practice their arguments in class. The teams will participate in regional and national competitions that are judged by law school students, professors and sitting jurists.
  • Advanced Legal Research and Theory (PLAW 4443) — This course emphasizes the use of advanced electronic legal research techniques and critical analysis of legal issues. Using a variety of hypothetical and factual situations, students will prepare effective written persuasive presentations in an acceptable legal format.

Legal Studies Core

Introduction to Legal Theory

Business Law I and II

United States Constitution

United States Government

Criminal Justice System

American Criminal Courts

Business Communications I

Legal Research and Writing

Moot Court

Pre-Law Internship

Advanced Legal Research and Theory

Pre-Law Concentration

Law School Preparatory Course

Legal Drafting

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

Introduction to Forensic Science

Paralegal Concentration

Law Office Management

Legal Drafting

Introduction to Accounting and Finance

Human Resource Management


Correctional officer

Private investigator

Police officer

Fraud investigator