Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Digital Journalism

Whether in the realm of politics, sports or human interest, there are new stories happening every day that need someone to tell them, and journalists are those who answer this call — helping to communicate these stories and providing people with important information that affects their lives. At Southeastern, we train future journalism / public relations professionals who are committed to sharing this information as honestly and accurately as possible. Study alongside faculty members who have extensive experience as journalists and public relations professionals.Our program includes courses in writing for radio, television, newspapers, internal publications and magazines, as well as in mass communication, media law and ethics, and the history of journalism. We give you the tools to accomplish the critical analysis to make news-related decisions within tight time frames — a challenge journalists face every day. Our class sizes are also small, allowing teachers to work closely with you as you conduct research and interviews in the real world and report stories that matter to the community. Students have ample opportunity to hone their craft and see their work published in The Southeastern Times, our campus newspaper.

Help write for the student newspaper and numerous other on-campus publications and media.

Program Details

Sample Core Courses

  • Media Ethics (COMM 2122) — This course is an examination of moral and social conduct and decision-making in the world of media. Contemporary ethical issues in commercialism, journalism, and media expression will be examined in light of biblical principles.
  • Photography (COMM 2023) — This is an introductory course to photography. Students learn how to properly compose, light and focus on various subjects. Topics include digital photography techniques, photojournalism and photography ethics, as well as portrait, landscape, and event photography.
  • Writing for Digital Media (COMM 2423) — This course focuses on writing skills for digital media, with an emphasis on media convergence and online journalism.
  • Advanced Digital Reporting (COMM 4453) — This course focuses on advanced reporting, research, interviewing, copy editing and production skills for various digital storytelling formats, including photojournalism, investigative journalism and online media.

Communication Core Studies

Media Ethics

Introduction to Mass Communication

Mass Communication Theory

Communication Seminar

Mass Communication Law

Communication Internship

Digital Journalism Core


Introduction to Television Production

Writing for Digital Media

Magazine Design and Production

Publication Public Relations

Electronic Field Production

Scriptwriting for TV and Radio

Advanced Grammar

Advanced Expository Writing

Digital Layout and Design

Electronic News Gathering

International Photojournalism

Advanced Creative Nonfiction




Public relations professional



Sports information director

Media interviewer