Bachelor of Science in International Business

The study of international business teaches you how to conduct business abroad, whether running or working for a multinational corporation. Through our Christ-centered curriculum, you will acquire the necessary core skills — accounting, finance, management, leadership, ethics, etc. — upon which you will build your understanding of how to apply these principles in a different culture. Gain international experience through an overseas internship. To gain this perspective, you will complete an international internship, gaining experience and an appreciation for the political, social and economic life in another country. You’ll also have the option of completing your internship here in the states and gaining overseas experience through another route, perhaps through a study aboard program. The relationships and experience you gain through your international travel can lay the groundwork for your career abroad or in cross-cultural ministries.

Expand your view of cultural differences in business through the Latin American Studies Program.

Program Details

18 hours of pre-business core
21 hours of business core
18 hours of major core
55 hours of general education
12 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 124

Sample Core Courses

  • International Marketing (MKTG 3113) — Marketing planning and strategizing in the global environment are the primary emphasis. Other topics examined will cover the economic and political factors that affect the international marketer and international marketing operations.
  • International Business (INTL 3153) — This study offers a conceptual evaluation of the frameworks of international and multinational operations. Topics covered include global environments, import and export, international concerns and changing parameters within which organizations must function.
  • Business Law (BUSI 3403) — A study of legal principles that apply to normal business transactions, contracts, agency, property, insurance, wills and trusts, and torts are among the topics discussed.
  • International Business Internship (INTL 4903) — This is a supervised, structured work experience designed to augment and develop practical experience in conjunction with regular course work. Participants are strongly encouraged to utilize this option to explore potential career paths. An international internship is required of all international business majors.

Pre-Business Core

Data Management Analysis

Business Communications I

Principles of Financial Accounting


Principles of Managerial Accounting

Business Analytics II

Business Core

Principles of Finance

Principles of Management

Business Communications II


Business Law I

Management Information Systems

Business Policies

Required Major Core

Global Information Systems

International Financial Management

International Marketing

International Business

International Experience

International Business Internship

6 Credit Hours from the Following Major Core

Introduction to Business as Mission

Latin American History

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Ministry in Intercultural Context

Church Planting and Revitalization

World Views and Mission Strategy

World Religions

Intercultural Communication

Global Area Studies

International buyer/trader

International law attorney


Foreign sales representative

International management consultant

Trade specialist

Foreign service officer


Begin your journey by touring beautiful locations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia and Lisbon. Take the classroom outside and enjoy the Iberian Peninsula while appreciating and engaging with the rich culture of Spain and Portugal. While pulling back the layers of culture, gain a deeper understanding of what it means to work alongside people of other cultures and to take your business across borders. After two weeks of touring, jump right into a six-week internship in Madrid, Spain. (Before strategically being placed in their internship by We Find Group, a headhunting agency, students are able to specify their preferences and interests in a placement.) Students will live in apartments in central Madrid and experience what it is like to live and work in another country.

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