Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in History

History is a story that’s ever unfolding — and God’s continual interaction with humanity forms the backbone of the narrative. Studying history then involves entering into the story’s many chapters, investigating the past both critically and compassionately. Participate in travel opportunities to gain a firsthand understanding of key historical sites and events. You will be prepared for this type of analysis through Southeastern’s history program. We like to ask the big questions: Why are things the way they are? How does the past impact the present and the future? And how have people interacted over time? As we grapple with these questions, examining them in light of world events through the ages, we approach them from a solid Christian foundation. We believe that interweaving discussions of current historical scholarship with the timeless principles of faith benefits the conversation on every side — and also adds depth to the story as it is told and retold.

Approach your historical studies through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Program Details

Sample Core Courses

  • Western Civilization from 17th Century to the Present (HIST 1023) — This course is a survey of the history of Western Civilization from the 17th century to the present. Topics include the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Mass Society, World Wars I and II, the Cold War and present issues.
  • American History to 1877 (HIST 2013) — This course is a survey of American history to 1877. Topics include the colonial period, the Revolutionary era, the Constitution, Jeffersonianism, economic and territorial expansion, sectional tensions, the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  • History Research Seminar (HIST 4923) — The heart of this course is the development of a major research paper utilizing all the skills of historical research and writing presented is previous course work.
  • United States Constitution (POLS 2403) — A study of the legal culture in the United States, including the British common law system, the origins of the U.S. Constitution, the amendments and the landmark cases.

Required History  Core

Western Civilization: 17th Century to the Present

American History to 1877

American History: 1877 to Present

History Research Seminar

United States Constitution

United States Government

27 Credit Hours Chosen from the Following History Core

American Colonial History

Ancient History

Renaissance and Reformation

Early Middle Ages

The Emergence of Modern America

The History of Florida

The United States, 1917–1945

The American Republic, 1789–1848

The Civil War Era

Britain Since 1815

The Vietnam War Era

The United States Since 1945

Christianity and Politics Since 1945

American Political Parties

Baseball and America

The American Revolution

American Religious History

Civil Rights Movement

African American History

The Witness of Whitaker Chambers

Ronald Reagan and Modern American Conservatism

Selected Topics in History

Latin American History

Survey of Church History

History and Theology of the Pentecostal Movement

American Military History

History of Missions


Architectural historian

Archival manager




Historical editor


Museum curator

Research/reference librarian