Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Image is everything in a media-saturated culture. Businesses, nonprofits and even churches need to stand out, and strong graphic design is one of the best ways to do so. At Southeastern, our graphic design program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to excel in this competitive field. Study alongside faculty members who have extensive experience producing newspapers, magazines, news media and advertisements.Our students use programs such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create and design media while using other popular software programs to learn how to code websites, write for social media and produce professional photographs. We train graduates who will engage the culture through stunning and compelling visual communications.

Help design the student newspaper and numerous other on-campus publications and media.

Program Details

Sample Core Courses

  • Survey of Graphic Design (COMM 1513) — This introductory class acquaints students to graphic design and visual arts through the use of the formal elements of art and principles of design. Specific art-making processes include painting, drawing and collage. The course stresses visual thinking, creativity, skill development and critical analysis.
  • Drawing I (COMM 1013) — This introductory course in drawing is designed to orient students to the implementation of the elements of art and principles of design. Through experiential, hands-on training, students learn how to draw while using the appropriate tools, materials, and methods. The course stresses visual thinking, creativity, skill development, and critical analysis.
  • Color Theory (COMM 2043) — This course advances students’ understanding of color properties and relationships through creative problem solving, formal exercises and guided research. Students build a vocabulary for examining and recognizing color and color sensations, and they experiment with color applications. Students also learn how color theories are applied in various professional fields.
  • Typography (COMM 3073) — This course covers the history, contextual applications and contemporary developments of typography. Students learn typographic theory and apply typographic principles in various media. The study of typographic applications in various industries, including advertising, editorial, promotional and digital media, are also included.

Communication Core Studies

Communication Seminar

Mass Communication Law

Graphic Design Core

Survey of Graphic Design

Western Art Appreciation

Drawing I

Color Theory


Graphic Design Capstone

*Additional core course requirements vary based on your choice of the digital design track or visual art track.

Graphic designer


Creative director

Multimedia artist/animator

Industrial designer