Bachelor of Arts in English

Southeastern’s Bachelor of Arts in English equips students with advanced training in the English language and literature, challenging and training them in both writing and the critical thinking that is essential for good writing. Enhance your skills in writing and teaching as a tutor in our ACE program, assisting fellow students with their written course work.These skills are explored not only through writing classes that will build your confidence and experience but also through literature and theory classes that will help you grow in your ability to interpret the words of others. Your writing courses will prepare you as an expository and creative writer, while your literature classes will give you an in-depth survey of British, American, African-American and adolescent literature. You will also take courses in a foreign language, expanding your perspective while also helping you prepare for graduate school. The program’s allowance for elective courses enables you to customize your studies in addition to your foundational course work.

Participate in study abroad opportunities, such as touring England or spending a semester as a student at Oxford University.

Program Details

40 hours of major core
61 hours of general education
6 hours of foreign language
25 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 126

Sample Core Courses

  • Creative Writing (ENGL 3013) — Study and practice in narrative, poetical and dramatic writing. The course includes reading and discussing student work in groups and in conferences with the instructor.
  • Advanced Grammar (ENGL 3333) — An examination of the major grammatical approaches to the English language, with consideration of both theory and practical analysis.
  • Introduction to Shakespeare (ENGL 4133) — A course designed to introduce students to Shakespeare’s poetry, comedies, histories, tragedies and romances by the study of selected works.
  • Literary Theory (ENGL 3733) — A survey of major theories of literature, with emphasis on their application in literary criticism. Selected classics of theory from the Greeks to the poststructuralists serve as background for a study of recent and current critical practices.

Creative Writing

British Literature I and II

Advanced Grammar

Advanced Expository Writing

American Literature

Introduction to Shakespeare

World Literature

Oral Interpretation

Contemporary Literature

Literary Theory

Capstone Seminar


English teacher


Grant writer

Technical writer

Social media manager




Rather than taking an English course in a four-walled classroom, broaden your perspectives in England! Spend the first week touring quaint rural cities and monumental locations. You will then wrap up the final week in London by engaging with material of your interest in museums and landmarks around the city.

Learn more about this opportunity, and how to study for a semester in Oxford, with SEU Study Abroad.