Bachelor of Science in Church Music

Although music ministry demands highly developed skills in music, it also requires a heart groomed to serve — to minister both to those who perform in the church as well as to those who are worshipping or just visiting. Let Southeastern’s knowledgeable faculty prepare you for both aspects of music ministry. Participate in ensembles and learn about planning, managing and evaluating music programs.Our professors have studied at top programs and conservatories in the country, enabling them to offer you superb instruction in piano, voice and instrumental performance. Faculty accomplishments also include lead roles in operas and oratorios; vocal performances for commercial entertainment corporations; master class instruction; teaching at the elementary, secondary and university levels; and adjudicating at state and private contests for instrumental and vocal fine arts festivals. Drawing from this foundation of excellence and success, they will equip you with the skills crucial to music ministry. Within the church music major itself, you’ll take core courses that will form your foundation as a musician: theory, music history, ear training, lessons and piano. You’ll also participate in ensembles — the context in which all must perform to fully be musicians. Finally, you’ll take courses and labs on leading worship; audio and production technology; music technology; composition and arranging; choral repertoire; and planning, managing and evaluating music programs.

Study alongside faculty with decades of performance and teaching experience.

Program Details

71 hours of major core
54 hours of general education
5 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 130

Music Majors, Ensembles and Scholarship Auditions

In addition to acceptance to Southeastern University, each student pursuing a music degree at SEU must also apply and be accepted to the Department of Music. Music minors do not require an audition. The online music application must be completed via Acceptd in order to schedule an audition. After completing the music application, an audition time will be sent to you for the date requested. Please note that music scholarships are listed as part of an applicant’s financial aid award package. Therefore, applicants must complete the university application process before a music award can be confirmed.

Sample Core Courses

  • Aural Theory I (MUSC 1041) — This course provides training in the recognition of fundamental melodic, harmonic and rhythmic patterns. In addition, training is provided in sight-reading melodic and rhythmic excerpts with a moderate level of difficulty.
  • Composition and Arranging (MUSC 4032) — This course is an applied study of traditional and contemporary compositional and arranging techniques, including both homophonic and contrapuntal practices as applied to both instrumental and choral music. Students will compose music for various ensembles and inscribe that music using notation software.
  • Worship Leading II (MUSC 2031) — This course is a study of worship leading and the worship leading team. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the spiritual life of the worship leader as well as the musical and leadership skills necessary to lead the worship team and congregation during times of corporate worship.
  • Music Administration/Organization (MUSC 4322) — This course is a study of the administrative role of the director of music. Emphasis will be placed on planning, programming, budgeting, and evaluating various music and arts related programs.


Departmental Recital

Aural Theory I, II, III & IV

Music Theory I, II, III, & IV

Conducting I & II

Music History and Literature I, II & III

Composition and Arranging


Piano Proficiency Exam

Guitar Proficiency Exam

Worship Leading I & II (plus labs)

Audio and Production Technology Lab

Rhythm Section Techniques

Electronic Music Composition

Audio and Production I & II

Choral Methods

Senior Recital


Music Administration/Organization

Applied Lessons

Large Ensemble

Church music director

Children’s music director


Music teacher