Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Public Relations

At Southeastern University, students studying public relations learn how to communicate effectively without sacrificing ethical duties. To be the best public representative of your client, students learn about writing and speaking clearly, using social media and digital media in public relations campaigns, corporate communication and much more. Students enrolled in our public relations program learn from professors who have extensive experience in corporate public relations and promotional production. Through academic instruction combined with practical application, students learn public relations writing, public relations campaigns, social media best practices, event marketing and corporate communication. Opportunities for promoting various departmental productions give students the chance to apply the knowledge they learn in class. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree gain additional experience by also completing an internship. Internships are at relevant places of business such as national public relations firms, nonprofit organizations and local public relations firms.

Study alongside faculty members who have extensive experience as public relations professionals.

Program Details

Sample Core Courses

  • Media Ethics (COMM 2122) — This course is an examination of moral and social conduct and decision-making in the world of media. Contemporary ethical issues in commercialism, journalism and media expression will be examined in light of biblical principles.
  • Writing for the Mass Media (COMM 3333) — This course focuses on writing skills for the mass media, including print, broadcast, documentary and online journalism as well as public relations and advertising. It includes instruction on interviewing, research and copy editing for various media and story formats.
  • Corporate Public Relations (COMM 4363) — This course examines the role of public relations within a corporation and its responsibilities in developing and maintaining external and internal relations.
  • Public Relations Campaigns (COMM 4373) — This capstone course provides students with the experience of using all of their public relations and mass communication training to develop a public relations campaign for an actual client.

Communication Core Studies

Media Ethics

Introduction to Mass Communication

Mass Communication Theory

Communication Seminar

Mass Communication Law

Communication Internship (BS Only)

Public Relations Core

Introduction to Public Relations

Publication Public Relations Practicum

Writing for the Mass Media

Social Media in Public Relations

Digital Layout and Design

Public Relations Theory and Research

Writing for Public Relations and Advertising

Corporate Public Relations

Public Relations Campaigns

Public Relations Case Studies


Public relations account executive

SEO writer

Event marketer

Corporate communication professional

Political writer