Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

The first few years of a child’s academic journey are some of the most important. These years help set the stage for the rest of his or her school experience —In addition to several field study experiences, you’ll gain real-world experience working alongside a professional educator in an actual classroom setting. and as a future educator, you’ll play an important role in helping make these students successful. SEU’s early childhood education degree program is designed for students with a drive to work with young children (pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade). Your course work and student-teaching internship will prepare you to earn several professional certifications. These include the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) professional certification in the subject area of pre-K/primary (transferable to all 50 states); FLDOE endorsements in both reading and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL); and certifications from the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS) and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). These certifications will qualify you to teach in public or private/Christian school settings.

Study and apply the appropriate instructional methods for teaching phonemic awareness, fluency, text comprehension, number concepts and operations, earth and space science, and much more.

Program Details

78 hours of major core
52 hours of general education

Total credit hours — 130

Sample Core Courses

  • The Child: Development of Young Children from Conception to Age 8 (ECED 2433) — This course will help students discover how young children learn, grow and develop. It is designed for students who are contemplating a career in early childhood education and care, providing discussion in a variety of areas. The course will examine learning styles, programs and teaching philosophies that relate to children from infant years through eight years of age. The students will study current issues in early childhood education and will learn specific strategies for accommodating learners who are diverse within inclusive settings.
  • Children’s Literature and Development (ELED 3003) — This course investigates children’s literature emphasizing developmentally appropriate instructional practices. Attention is placed on understanding psychological, social, emotional, and cognitive development as they correlate to motivating students to interact with literature.
  • Teaching Mathematics in Pre-K/Elementary School (ELED 3173) — This course is the study of teaching mathematics in elementary schools through the use of appropriate methods, materials, and evaluation techniques. Current issues, strategies and trends in mathematics are reviewed.
  • Early Childhood Guidance/Classroom Management (ECED 4123) —This course is the study of the identification of developmentally appropriate models and strategies for guiding, disciplining and managing children’s behavior; development of intrinsic motivation in children and conflict resolution among children; and identification of environmental influences on the behaviors of young children from all cultures and familial situations. Students will examine the legal requirements for teachers in the Florida Child Abuse Law.

Professional Education Core

Language Arts for Educators

Math and Science for Educators

Education Seminar

Introduction to Education

Field Study I, II and III

Educational Psychology

Content and Instructional Design for Educators

Assessment of Learners

Empowering ESOL Teachers: An Overview

Teaching Reading in the Content Area

Instructional Technology

Applied Linguistics (ESOL)

Survey of the Exceptional Learner

Student Teaching


The Child

Teaching Language Arts and Fine Arts

Introduction to Reading

Children’s Literature and Development

Teaching Mathematics in Pre-K/Elementary School

Teaching Science in Elementary School

Early Childhood Classroom/Behavior Management

Diagnosis, Assessment and Evaluation of Reading

Pre-K/elementary teacher

ESE teacher

Early childhood education specialist

Preschool administrator

Elementary administrator

Childcare center director

Curriculum coordinator

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