Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Southeastern University is uniquely positioned to offer a complete creative writing program that encompasses the best of secular and Christian publishing, truly preparing students for any creative direction. Our faculty consists of published authors who emphasize the techniques of dynamic, artistic writing.  Creative writing has been one of the fastest-growing degree programs in America over the past 40 years and shows no sign of slowing down. The purpose of the program is to mentor and guide students to become more effective at telling their stories, getting published and experiencing fulfillment in their writing. BFA students will be prepared to enter the workforce in a wide range of careers. They will use their developed and refined skills in research, writing and presentations—the very abilities that will pave the way for success in any career, business or ministry.

The BFA in Creative Writing helps students develop and refine their creative selves and discover how their passion intersects with God’s plan for their lives.

Program Details

45 hours of major core
55 hours of general education
6 hours of foreign language
14 hours of general electives

Total credit hours — 120

Sample Core Courses

  • Creative Writing (ENGL 3013) Study and practice in narrative, poetical and dramatic writing. The course includes reading and discussing student work in groups and in conferences with the instructor. This course is cross-referenced with COMM 3013.
  • Contemporary Literature (ENGL 4533)   A study of recent American, British and world literature with an emphasis on the dimensions of cultural diversity.
  • Advanced Creative Nonfiction (ENGL 4163) — This course provides advanced study and practice in writing creative nonfiction such as biography, memoir, historical narrative, literary journalism, sports, travel and nature writing.
  • Advanced Poetry Writing (ENGL 4143)  This course provides advanced study and practice in writing poetry.
  • Advanced Fiction Writing (ENGL 4153) —  This course provides advanced study and practice in writing fiction.

American Literature

British Literature II

World Literature

Contemporary Literature

Creative Writing

Advanced Poetry Writing

Advanced Fiction Writing

Advanced Creative Nonfiction

Capstone Seminar







Business Writer

Short Story Writer

Blogger/Web Writer


Graphic Novelist

Inspirational/Devotional Writer

Creative Writing Teacher

Literary Agent

Ministry Writer



Comedy Writer


Historical Writer