Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

Students in Southeastern University’s visual arts program will be introduced to both timeless and contemporary methods of drawing, composition, space, color, paint, ceramics and multidimensional art forms. Through directed reflection and study of respected techniques as well as a complementary emphasis on innovative design, you’ll be equipped to dream, shape and create in a professional manner. Build on your knowledge of the fundamentals and perfect the advanced techniques of a variety of sophisticated, hands-on art forms.Learners in this degree program will be among the first to use our new, cutting-edge creative facilities. Our expansive artistic center — complete with instructional studio space and a kiln room — serves as the perfect environment for the proper blending of aesthetics and academia. The works of our visual arts scholars will be on rotating display in our newly-constructed, modern gallery. The professional instruction and personal investment of world-class faculty members will inspire you to perfect your technical skills and craftsmanship as you engage each course with a commitment to discipline and excellence. The completion of a senior exhibition and compilation of a multimedia portfolio will allow SEU visual arts students to properly showcase their creative accomplishments in order to compete effectively for their career of choice.

Visual arts students at SEU will be equipped to dream, shape and create at the highest level of personal growth and excellence.

Program Details

53 hours of major core
61 hours of general education
8 hours of general electives

Total credit hours — 122

Sample Core Courses

  • Drawing II (COMM 2013) — This intermediate course in drawing is designed to advance students’ implementation of the elements of art and principles of design as a means toward creating a series of drawings exhibiting unique personal expression. The course stresses visual thinking, creativity, skill development and critical analysis.
  • Painting II (COMM 3083) — This intermediate course in painting advances student’s implementation of the elements of art and principles of design as expressed through paint and mixed media as a means toward creating a series of paintings exhibiting unique personal expression. The course uses the critique process regularly to clarify conceptual issues.
  • Modern and Contemporary Western Art History (COMM 3503) — The scope of this art history course will span Western art from the early nineteenth century through the late twentieth century by focusing on artists and major trends in the contexts of their underlying philosophical and cultural influences.
  • Senior Capstone/Exhibition (COMM 4914) — Students will develop a body of work for their senior exhibition. At the beginning of the semester students will create a comprehensive plan outlining the details of the body of work they will produce. The completion of a digital portfolio and artist statement is also required. Students will meet once a week for discussion with their peers and a faculty member.

Visual Arts Core

Junior Studio

Senior Capstone/Exhibition

Studio Art Core

Drawing I

2-D Design

Drawing II


Color Theory

Painting I

Painting II

Figure Drawing

3-D Design


Art History Core

Survey of Western Art

Modern and Contemporary Western Art History

Visual Arts Electives


Digital Layout and Design

Web Page Design

Advanced Digital Imaging

Advanced Illustration


Arts administrator


Fashion designer

Interior designer


Museum and gallery curator