Valinda Harlan


Degrees Earned

BA, California State University
MS, Southeastern University


Professor Valinda Harlan is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and teaches a variety of psychology courses at Southeastern University. Professor Harlan has a background in pastoral counseling and was a family pastor in California for 15 years before moving to Florida with her husband and four children.

Professor Harlan has written curriculum on marriage and parenting and is published in Christian Women Today and Children’s Ministry Magazine. She is proud to be married to composer Paul Harlan, who is a professor of music at Southeastern University. They have four grown children and two grandchildren.

Professor Harlan is passionate about counseling others toward healing and wholeness as well as educating and equipping students. She teaches Psychology of Adjustment, Theories of Personality, Marriage and Family Counseling,  Group Dynamics, and Introduction to Child and Youth Counseling.