Dr. Samuel Hemby

Professor of Practical Theology sshemby@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in Biblical Studies, Lee University
MA in Religion, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
PhD in Organizational Leadership, Regent University


Dr. Samuel Hemby not only maintains a full-time load of classroom instruction in several areas of practical ministry and leadership training, but is also an ordained minister with over two decades of church ministry experience, serving churches in Florida and Illinois as a senior pastor and traveling for several years as an itinerant teacher and evangelist. He has also served as a conference speaker and guest lecturer in various venues outside of the U.S., including Haiti, Barbados, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, and Kazakhstan. Dr. Hemby is the founder of Life Changers School of Ministry, a two-year program that assists church pastors in raising up and training leaders for effective ministry in the local church. Therefore, with a foot on the academic side and a foot on the vocational side, Dr. Hemby serves as a bridge for many of Southeastern’s aspiring ministry students.

The courses that Dr. Hemby teaches include Organizational Behavior and Leadership Styles, Church Business Administration, Leadership Development (on the undergraduate and graduate levels), and Pastoral Theology. Dr. Hemby is particularly interested in the development and enhancement of leader credibility.

Brief Highlights

  • Founded Life Changers School of Ministry.
  • Travels about 30 weekends a year preaching and conducting leadership training seminars.
  • Has presented papers on leader credibility at several conferences in the areas of education, business, and resource development.