Shearen Fredere

Chair, Department of Mathematics sfredere@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Mathematics, University of South Florida
MEd, University of South Florida


Professor Shearen Fredere has taught at Southeastern for almost two decades, serving as a core member of the Department of Mathematics. Before coming to Southeastern, she served as an adjunct professor at Polk Community College and compiled 11 years of teaching experience at the high school level.

Professor Fredere sees teaching as a calling and the classroom as a mission field. She gets excited when “the light comes on” as a student discovers an actual liking for math or understands a concept for the first time. Especially with the pre-service teachers who she teaches and mentors, Professor Fredere hopes to instill in her students the love of mathematics and a feeling of confidence in doing math in front of their classes. Above all, she tries to communicate that sense of the teacher’s calling, and she says “what better place to develop that calling than at Southeastern?”

Professor Fredere teaches the following courses: College Algebra, Liberal Arts Math I and II, Geometry, History of Mathematics, and Teaching Children in the Elementary Schools.