Sheila Guzman

Chair, Assistant Professor of Public Relations saguzman@seu.edu



Degrees Earned

BS in English, University of Southern Mississippi
MS in Public Relations, University of Southern Mississippi


Sheila Skipper Guzman is an accredited public relations professional with 30 years experience in the field. Her professional career has given her expertise in strategic communication planning, writing and editing, media relations, design and layout, and website and social media management.

While practicing public relations, Professor Guzman also taught public relations and journalism courses as an adjunct faculty member at Christian universities in the Jackson, Mississippi area.

A love for Jesus and the nurturing, Christ-focused environment of a Christian college campus are the factors that led Professor Guzman to change careers at the height of her career. She believes that bringing the Christian faith into the classroom is critical in order for students to understand how to integrate their faith into the work world.