Dr. Sheila Prabhakar Abraham

Professor of Biology sabraham@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in General Biology, University College for Women (India)
MS in Zoology, Osmania University (India)
PhD in Entomology, Kansas State University


Dr. Sheila Prabhakar Abraham received her bachelor’s degree in general biology and master’s degree in zoology with a specialization in entomology in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Abraham was awarded two gold medals for her scholarship and excellence in zoology and entomology. In 2006, she received her doctoral degree in entomology from Kansas State University. Her research focused on the physiological and molecular processes in the digestive tract of beetles that feed on stored food products. She studied the protease enzymes in the midguts of Tenebrio molitor (yellow mealworms). Dr. Abraham’s research was funded through the CSREES and completed at the USDA ARS-GMPRC in Manhattan, KS.

Dr. Abraham has been teaching at SEU since 2006 and considers it a privilege to journey alongside faculty and students in their pursuit of excellence. From leading students on field visits and supervising field research at Lakeland’s conservation lands to creating a healthy atmosphere of debate and discussion in the classroom, Dr. Abraham loves being around students. At Southeastern, Dr. Abraham currently teaches the following classes: Animal Physiology and Molecular Biology, Botany, Biology I & II, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Diversity, Ecology (their respective labs), General Entomology and Bioethics.

She has refereed publications in journals including Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules, Cell Biology International, Florida Field Naturalist, Insect Molecular Biology, Physiological Entomology, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Bioinoculants for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry and Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. In addition to her doctoral research, Dr. Abraham had the opportunity to be part of two other research projects – protein digestion in the red oak borer and host plant resistance to green bugs. Dr. Abraham has traveled widely presenting her research at several professional conferences including the national ESA annual and regional ESA conferences. Her research interests include animal molecular biology, insect physiology, medical entomology, bioethics and the role of dual specificity phosphatases (DUSPs) in cancer.

Brief Highlights

  • Received the Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, 2015
  • Received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship, 2014
  • Received the R. C. Smith Scholarship Award, 2006
  • Received the Don C. Warren Genetic Fund Scholarship, 2006
  • Received the R. H. Painter Scholarship Award, 2005
  • Received first place in the Eugene Dehner Award, 2005